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Pitcairn law comprises (a) laws (called "ordinances") made by the Governor, (b) United Kingdom legislation and Orders in Council extending to Pitcairn, and (c) the common law, rules of equity, and statutes of general application as in force in England for the time being, so far as local circumstances and the limits of local jurisdiction permit, and subject to any existing or future ordinance (see s 42 of the Pitcairn Constitution).

This page provides links to Pitcairn Ordinances made by the Governor. A Revised Edition of Pitcairn Ordinances was compiled by Paul Treadwell OBE, LLB, QC, Legal Adviser to the Governor, in 2001, pursuant to the Revised Edition of the Laws Ordinance 2001. Thereafter Annual Revisions have been made pursuant to the Annual Revision of Laws Ordinance 2002, cap 32. On this page the right hand column ("Alphabetical List") comprises links to the Revised Edition of 2001 as revised by the Annual Revisions up to the 2017 revision, which includes all amendments to Ordinances as at 15 January 2019. Ordinances made since that date appear in the list below.
Ordinance/Regulation/Order Date Made/Date Published
Summary Offences Penalties Amendment Ordinance 2023 Made: 19-May-2023
Published: 31-May-2023
Local Government (Remote Participation in Council Meetings) Amendment Ordinance 2023 Made: 09-Mar-2023
Published: 27-Mar-2023
Covid-19 Response Amendment Ordinance 2022 Made: 22-Nov-2022
Published: 23-Nov-2022
Marine Conservation Regulations 2022 Made: 11-Oct-2022
Covid-19 Response Ordinance Made: 07-Jul-2022
Published: 10-Jul-2022
Lands Court (Court Registrar) Amendment Ordinance Made: 07-Jul-2022
Published: 10-Jul-2022
Court Procedure (Remote Participation of Judges and Magistrates) Ordinance Made: 13-Mar-2019
Published: 18-Mar-2019
Order bringing revised annual edition into force Made: 21-Feb-2019
Ordinances are posted to this website as soon as possible after they are made by the Governor. Ordinances take effect as from the date of publication in Pitcairn unless it is provided otherwise by ordinance.

The Laws of Pitcairn are available in hard copy (a two volume loose-leaf set) from the Pitcairn Islands Office in Auckland.

Links to United Kingdom Orders in Council made since 2006 and having effect in Pitcairn may be found here.
A list of Orders in Council made from 2000 to 2005 and having effect in Pitcairn may be found here.
All United Kingdom Orders in Council that have effect in Pitcairn may be found by searching at  Use “advanced search” function to search for “Pitcairn” in content.

The electronic versions of legislation on this website, and any legislation printed from this website have no official status and are made available for information only. They should not be relied on as the authoritative text.


Revised Edition of the Laws Ordinance 2001
Chronological Table of Ordinances
Arrangement of Chapters
The Pitcairn Constitution Order 2010
The Constitution of Pitcairn
The Pitcairn (Appeals To Privy Council) Order 2000
The Pitcairn (Court of Appeal) Order 2012

Ordinances and Subsidiary Legislation made thereunder --->

To view the complete sections of the Pitcairn Law book, please select below:
The Laws of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands Volume 1 (4.51MB)
The Laws of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands Volume 2 (3.07MB)

For questions about Pitcairn laws, please contact Attorney-General Simon Mount by email to:


Adoption of Infants
Annual Revision of Laws
Births and Deaths Registration
Commissions of Enquiry
Coroners Ordinance 2011
Dental and Medical Practitioners
Endangered Species Protection
Evidence (Proof of Written Laws)
Evidence (Special Measures Directions)
Firearms Offences
Freedom of Information
Interpretation and General Clauses
Judicature Amendment
Judicature (Appeals in Criminal Cases)
Judicature (Courts)
Land Tenure Reform
Lands Court
Legal Aid (Criminal Proceedings)
Legal Practitioners
Local Government
Pitcairn Court of Appeal (Criminal) Rules
Pitcairn Islands Marine Protected Area
Pitcairn Souvenir Agency
Post Office
Prevention of Collisions at Sea
Probate and Administration
Public Defender in Criminal Proceedings
Registration of Business Names
Right of Abode
Sale and Use of Liquor
Sexual Offences (Notification and Prevention)
Social Welfare Benefits
Summary Offences
Trade Unions and Trade Disputes
Victims of Offences

Court of Appeal (Criminal) Rules 2014
Practice Direction - Admissions to Pitcairn Bar (30 September 2022)

Decisions of the Courts of Pitcairn Island