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Policies Annexes Forms
SDP 2014-2018 - Amended 11-05-2016

GPI Structure Flow Chart Dec 2016

Pitcairn Island Child Wellbeing Charter (pdf)

GPI - Post Office Operation Policy.pdf

GPI - Education Policy.pdf

GPI Health Policy Nov 2015.pdf
Annex A Health Centre Charges Final July2015.pdf
Health Policy Annex C Medivac Approval Form final Oct2015.pdf

GPI - Budgetary Aid Policy Guidlines 2015.pdf

GPI - Employment Guidance.pdf

GPI - Employment Policy.pdf
P1891-002.0011_GPI Harassment Complaints Procedure General Complaint Form
P1891-002.0002_GPI Course of Action Form
GPI - Code of Management for Pitcairn Public Service.pdf

GPI - Occupational Health & Safety Policy.pdf

GPI occupational health and safety acknowledgement form.pdf
GPI Project Injury benefit form.pdf
GPI OH&S Injury Incident Form.pdf
GPI Injury benefit form.pdf
GPI 012 Disposal of Surplus Government Property Policy.pdf

GPI 013 Travel Package Policy Edition 1.pdf

Safeguarding Children Policy.pdf

GPI -Approved Guide for Visiting Vessels final March2018

GPI - Public Holidays & Commemoration Days.pdf

GPI- Approved Procurement Policy - Ammended 22-6-2016

GPI Equipment Hire Record.pdf

GPI Home Support Policy.pdf

GPI Protection of Artefacts.pdf

GPI - Fire Restriction Policy

Island Council - Guiding Principles, Order & Conduct.pdf

Gift Policy with flowchart (21 May 2019).pdf

Approved GPI Loan Scheme Policy 2020.pdf

Approved GPI Personal Loan Scheme Policy 2020.pdf

Importation of Domestic Animals Policy 2020.pdf