(NOTE:  Actual Size of Postcards is 7"x4.6")

P1: Graveyard; Bicentenary Commemorative Plaque;
  Workshops and generator sheds at the Edge.

P2: Adamstown from Palva Valley Ridge with Ship
Landing Point prominent in the far centre.

P3: Top: Big Pool at St Pauls
Bottom: Jetty and landing in Bounty Bay

P4: Top Boy fishing with spear on Oeno
Bottom: Sunset at Oeno Island

P5:    Public Dinner; Making molasses;
Fishing Party at Water Valley; Inside co-op shop

P6:    Jetty and Landing in Bounty Bay.

P7:    Aluminium launch leaves harbour; boarding
a visiting ship; Unloading supplies; leaving ship's side

P8:    Bounty Bible; Polynesian Petroglyphs;
Graves of John Adams & family; Bounty anchor.

P9:    Returning from Henderson; Tedside;
Christians Cave; looking North from the Square

P10:    Cleaning a days catch; the school sits
below Garnets Ridge; the Square; Radio station.
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