Pitcairn Island Books

Guide to PitcairnGuide to Pitcairn (German)
Guide to Pitcairn

The Guide to Pitcairn is a colourful publication, including recent photos of Pitcairn and its people.  It also includes new sections on the growing honey exporting industry, and there are additions to the History and Community Life sections of the guide, plus up-to-date statistics and laws.

NZ$30.00  (1999 edition available in German)
Mi Bas Side Orn Pitcairn
Children’s Book “Mi Bas side orn Pitcairn”
My Favourite place on Pitcairn.

This is the first ever story book written in Pitkern and English.

"Teaching the 6 children of Pitcairn about place names on Pitcairn was a bit of a challenge. To make it all fun each of the five children (aged 5-11) plus a 16 year old, chose a favourite place name as their theme."

NZ$20.00 (New Zealand, incl. P&P)    NZ$30 (Rest of World, incl. P&P) 
Betty Christian's Cookbook
Betty Christian's Cookbook

Betty's Cookbook is packed with mouth-watering recipes for traditional Pitcairn food (weckle) and has many beautiful colour photos showing the Pitcairn way of life, past and present.