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StampPitcairn Stamps

Visit our Philatelic Bureau.

CoinsPitcairn Coins
Collectible Coin Programme
Pitcairn Island
Pure Honey

"With all the natural sweetness of tropical fruits and flowers"

Honey SoapPitcairn Island
Pure Honey Soap

Naturally Pitcairn Island – Honey & Propolis Soap
Naturally Pitcairn Island
Honey & Propolis Soap

100% naturally scented pure Pitcairn Honey & Propolis soap
Pitcairn Island
Propolis Tincture

from unique trees on the island that use resins to protect their young buds.
Propolis Tincture
Spirit of the Bounty Collection

Spirit of the Bounty postcard Collection

Series 1 (1990)
 - 5 cards

Series 2 (2000/2002)
 - 7 cards
Series 3 
 - 7 cards
Phone CardsPhone Cards
These four very attractive and collectible phone cards
depict various views of Christian's Cave.
Pitcairn BooksPitcairn Books

Guide to Pitcairn
German flagJetzt auch in Deutsch!

Pitcairn Cookery Books

Children’s Book
“Mi Bas side orn Pitcairn”
Pitcairn Flag
Pitcairn Island Flags
Pack of Playing CardsPlaying Cards (sorry - sold out)

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